We are a group of dog sport enthusiasts that have come together to promote canine sports, with a primary focus on agility, in the spirit of fun, fellowship, good sportsmanship, and responsible dog ownership. In particular, we strive to promote awareness of the special nature of the human-canine relationship necessary to succeed in canine sport venues and to facilitate the safe participation of all breeds and breed combinations.

We sponsor an agility trials in the Canine Sports Performance (CPE) venue as well as Teacup Dog Agility Association (TDAA). In 2023, we are venturing into CPE Speedway event. We periodically hold seminars with members receiving first priority though non-members may participate if space is available. Special event fun runs for members round out a packed year of comradery with our 2 and 4-footed friends.

Looking to join a club, reach out to any member for more details. We would love to share our organization.