We wanted thank all the great folks that attended our first TDAA trial and made it a huge success!

Congratulations to our judges, Mariday Geyer and Carrie Griffern-Yakush for creating such fun,

while still challenging courses.

Keep on the watch out for our next trial that is already being planned for later in the year.

In the meantime, please come and join us at our SOBAD CPE Trial in May at Sugarbush Farm.

To learn more go to the CPE EVENT TAB on this site.


TDAA or teacup trials are tailored to dogs that jump 16″ and under.

The courses are scaled down from other agility trials and are a wonderful venue for all dogs with a smaller stride, beginner dogs or dogs with any sort of physical limitation.

Teacup trial courses are just as challenging as other agility trials but differ in that you can treat in the ring and work with your dogs during your run.

For more information you can go to :